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Q & A

Here are a few of our repeating questions (and answers):

-How do you sell the koi food so cheap?  

     We buy in bulk, so you don't have to.  We purchase the food from the manufacturer's by the truck load so that we can pass along the lowest possible price to our customers.

-What is the expiration date of the food?

     Expiration dates vary, but rest assured that our food is guaranteed fresh.  We get a new truck every 2 weeks, so the expiration date on your koi food is never less than 18 months from the time we ship it to you.  Keeping the food sealed, and in a cool DRY place with extend the life of the food.

-What brand is your Koi food?

     Our bulk 32% koi food is manufactured for us by a company in Pennsylvania and Indiana.  We have it made directly for us, so it carries no "brand name".

-Why don't you sell pond supplies?

     We have streamlined our business to cater to Koi Food only.  It's what we know and what we do best!  Sometimes, we get some pond supplies in stock, but usually, we are simply glad to refer you to a good source for what you may need. (Update: We're working on it!)

-Why is your website so "juvenile, simple, crappy or just plain not very good"?

     Again, we are fish food people, not web designers.  The money we save on fancy web design is passed along in the Koi Food prices.

-We thought you sold fish food - what's the deal with the organic poultry feed?

     We have chickens and hate paying retail for great food!  We have to buy a bunch to get the best price, so we sell the excess at a ridiculous savings.  Not cheap on the site, but if you are in the area, we are lower priced than ALL the big box/farm stores!

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32% Bulk SINKING Koi Food Now In Stock!
50 lb - 52.00
(west of Missippi river)

50 lb - 42.00
(east of Missippi river)

This is the exact same as the regular bulk koi food, but in a slow sinking formula.  Get it while you can, it will be here for a limited time.

Effective Oct. 29.

We will be closed for a couple of weeks for remodeling.

Check back soon for an ALL NEW Arthur Aquatics