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                                      Our Most Versatile Food!

This food is great for everyday use, plus it has wheat germ as the first ingredient, making it an excellent choice for fall and spring feeding.

Features & Benefits

Ingredient selection based on true finfish digestibility testing.

Proper amino acid balance.

Phosphorus levels below 1.3%.

Improved flesh quality and texture.

Meets FDA requirements regarding restrictions on mammalian protein sources

This great bulk fish food is perfect for:

    * Koi
    * Large Goldfish
    * Oscars
    * Arowana
    * Pacu
    * Catfish
    * Any large fish!

Pellet size is approximatley 3/16".  Perfect for fingerlings yet still fine for the largest fish you will feed.  99.5% of the food will float.  Will not cloud the water!  Your fish will LOVE this food, but feed only what they will consume is 10 minutes.  Feed twice a day.  Fish will consume more when the water temperature is 70-85 degrees (for pond fish).

Guaranteed Analysis:

 Crude Protein.....Min. 35.0%
 Crude Fat...........Min. 5.0%
 Crude Fiber........Max. 5.0%
 Phosphorus........Max 1.30%

10lbs ...........22.95




This product contains marine protein and oil products, processed grain and vegetable products, processed poultry by-products, vitamins 
(including stable vitamin C) and minerals.
This item has been discontinued.  Please check back for an exciting new product soon!