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Bulk Floating Pellet Fishfood for Ponds, Koi and Lg. Cichlids

40% Protein Product. 

Fish Meal Based - No Bone Meal

Perfect for Small or Large Fish (not Fingerlings)

Great for most of your Larger CICHLIDS!

This is a superior food for growing your fish.  Nutritionally balanced.  

This great bulk fish food is perfect for:

    * Koi
    * Large Goldfish
    * Oscars
    * Arowana
    * Pacu
    * Catfish
    * Any large fish!

Pellet size is approximatley 3/16".  Perfect for little guys, yet still fine for some of the larger fish.  99.5% of the food will float.  Will not cloud the water!  Your fish will LOVE this food, but feed only what they will consume is 10 minutes.  Feed twice a day.  Fish will consume more when the water temperature is 70-85 degrees (for pond fish).

Guaranteed Analysis:

 Crude Protein.....Min. 40.0%
 Crude Fat............Min. 10.0%
 Crude Fiber........Max. 4.4%
 Phosphorus........Min. 1.0%

10 lbs ..........25.00

20 lbs...........45.00

44 lbs...........88.00                                         

88 lbs........160.00

176 Lbs +.... Send us an email with your shipping address for a best price quote!

Ingredients: This product contains Fish Meal and oil products, processed grain and vegetable products, processed poultry by-products, vitamins (including stable vitamin C), minerals and amino acids
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