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                                                    Medicated Koi Food

Feed sparingly, 2 pellets per 6 inches of fish.

It is better to feed 2 or 3 times per day in small amounts, rather than large amounts all at once.

WILL cloud water and edeplete oxygen - if you overfeed.

Start feeding at first sight of symptoms of bacterial infection with our new Romet™ Medicated Fish Food.

Active Ingredients: Sulfadimethoxine & Ormetoprim

This floating, medicated Koi and Goldfish food is perfect all season long.

Made mostly of plant protein, Romet™ is loaded with vitamins and has excellent shelf life.

Feed your fish five (5) consecutive days, and wait one (1) week before feeding them again.**Feed 5 days  & if symptoms persists follow up for an additional 5 days.

Use a quality food in between food treatments. (We recommend whatever you have been feeding - no need to stress fish even more by changing staple feed)

Shipped in SEALED packages. (not ziplock as the picture shows)  Please transfer to sealed container after opening to ensure freshness.

2.5lbs .......15.95



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