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Misc. Pond Supplies

Blue Heron Decoy

Laguna's extensive collection of decorative waterfowl offers a whimsical and interesting way of adding a touch of life and color to your water garden.

Heron is made of durable blow-molded hard plastic. Each bird is intricately painted with a unique color finish that is lifelike and blends well in water gardens. (The picture stinks!  It is a nice, realistic looking piece!)

Heron (w/stand) approx. 40" tall.-------------------24.95

Laguna Feeding Ring

The Laguna feeding station floats on the surface of the pond conditioning fish to feed from a pre-selected area. Simply anchor the ring to the side or bottom of the pond and place food in the center. The Feeding Station also helps to determine how much to feed. When adding directly to your pond, food will quickly disperse making it difficult to gauge the amount of food given.
-Helps prevent over feeding and wasted food
-Brings fish to one area of the pond for easy        viewing
-Easily anchored to the side or bottom of the pond.

9 3/4" Diameter ----------------------------------- 7.95